Can Patio Furniture Get Wet?

Owning patio furniture makes spending time outside and entertaining a highly enjoyable experience. Even if you have a storage shed, a patio umbrella, or an awning, it’s inevitable that your patio furniture will get wet at some point. While most outdoor furniture is made to be weather-resistant, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely waterproof. So, can patio furniture get wet? Read on to learn more about how your favorite pieces can be affected by the rain and snow and how to enjoy them for years to come.

Can Patio Furniture Get Wet if It’s Made of Wood?

Wood patio furniture is durable and beautiful, but it’s also one of the most vulnerable materials if it gets wet. Hardwoods like teak outdoor furniture make for a good choice since this wood type is highly durable and denser than softer woods like fir, cedar, or pine. All wood furniture has some level of natural resistance to water. However, it’s best to protect your wood patio furniture by keeping it in storage during the offseason. You can also add a protective sealant to protect your wood patio furniture and keep it watertight all year long. Overall, wood patio furniture should be just fine if it only gets wet occasionally and if you don’t allow water to sit and pool on the surface.

What About Wicker?

Can patio furniture get wet if it’s wicker? Overall, wicker patio furniture is fine if it gets wet occasionally. This material is made from a vine-like plant called rattan that is harvested from areas that have warm, tropical climates. Wicker patio furniture is really easy to clean and does a good job of resisting harsh weather conditions. It’s also easier to move than some other types of furniture due to its lightweight construction. While you should keep your wicker patio furniture covered during inclement weather, it should be OK during the occasional rain shower and mild storm.

Iron Patio Furniture and Water

Iron is another popular material used to make patio furniture. This heavy-duty metal is a great choice if you live in an area with high winds and a lot of stormy weather. On the other hand, iron patio furniture is very vulnerable to rusting if it gets wet. If the rust gets out of control, you’ll have to replace the furniture completely. Make sure you choose iron patio furniture that has been treated with a protective coating or apply a sealant to it yourself to protect it from water. During the offseason, you should either cover your iron patio furniture or store it away for future use. All patio furniture should be able to handle a mild to moderate amount of water. When in doubt, cover your furniture or store it away to keep it safe and protected from water-related damage. Or purchase a metal material type such as aluminum patio furniture.

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