How To Arrange Patio Furniture

Your patio is a perfect place for relaxing and entertaining. If you’re wondering how to arrange patio furniture, the layout depends on a few important factors. Whether you’re looking to add new furniture to this space or simply need some fresh ideas, read on to discover a few easy patio furniture arranging tips. Before you know it, this space will become your favorite place to entertain and to spend your free time.

Think About How You Use the Patio

When thinking about how to arrange patio furniture, it’s important to determine how the space will be used first. For example, if you plan to serve meals outside, place an outdoor dining table and chairs in the center of the patio. If you’re leaning toward using it for relaxation and just hanging out with friends, look for a nice patio sofa, loveseat, or matching chairs to create a conversation area. Tie everything together with a patio coffee table and end tables for a casual, laid-back look. If the backyard area has a pool and a deck, place a row of Adirondack chairs or chaise lounge chairs along the edge for the ultimate relaxation.

How to Arrange Patio Furniture: Pick a Focal Point

If you’re designing the layout for a living room, a focal point helps to make arranging furniture easy. The same principle applies to your patio, so think about how you want the layout to flow by choosing a focal point first. Your patio focal point can be anything from a relaxing fire pit or water fountain to an outdoor fireplace. The key is to arrange your seating around this focal point so that you’re highlighting the patio’s most important feature. Much like you’d arrange a sofa and coffee table in front of your TV set, you’ll do the same with the main attraction on your patio. 

Arrange for a Good Flow

Just like you arrange your living room furniture layout, it’s important to keep your patio furniture arranged in a way that’s accommodating to foot traffic. Consider areas of the patio such as the main entryway and any focal points where you’ll need a bit of extra room. Avoid placing your patio furniture too close together, as this can make the space feel cramped. Arrange the longest or largest piece of furniture against the wall of your home to create length, then arrange the smaller pieces around it, leaving ample room between each piece. The key is to design a layout that makes it easy for your guests to move around freely. You may need to try several different layouts until you find the one that works for you. As long as there’s a roomy pathway, it’s easy to create the ultimate patio furniture layout for a relaxing good time outside.

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