How to Protect Outdoor Wood Furniture

Most of us spend most of our time outdoors during spring and summer. Now that the temperatures are higher than before, outdoor wood furniture has become more common. However, it requires a little more maintenance than rattan, aluminum or rope furniture. Nonetheless, outdoor wood furniture looks luxe and inviting. Learn how to protect outdoor wood furniture to keep it picture-perfect for a long time.

Some Prerequisites

If you are buying wood furniture for outdoor, keep these tips in mind. They are helpful to protect outdoor wood furniture. Check what type of wood is the furniture made of. The best wood for outdoor furniture is teak. Teak furniture is best because it is durable and water, pest and rot-resistant. Check what glue is used to hold the furniture together. Mostly, wood furniture is held together with glue. For outdoors, the glue must be waterproof. Check the fixtures. These are different for indoor and outdoor furniture. Take a note of these three *checks* and shop like a pro for your outdoor wood furniture.

How to Protect Outdoor Wood Furniture

Precaution is better than cure. It is important to maintain your outdoor wood furniture regularly.

Protect from mold: Dirt and dust can encourage mold. Keep your wood furniture clean to prevent outdoor damage. Avoid using regular detergents to clean your wood furniture. Instead, use a wood soap.

Protect its sheen: The beautiful luster of the wood furniture isn’t only for appearance. It is there because the wood is supposed to stay moist. If the wood furniture remains dry for long, it will crack. Prevent your wood furniture from drying by greasing it with lemon oil. Lemon oil is widely used as a wood moisturizer. You should clean and moisturize your wood furniture at least once a month.

Protect from weather effects: And of course, you want to protect it from outdoor weather. This article on how to protect outdoor wood furniture, is actually all about it. The main factor, to lookout for is water. You should waterproof your outdoor furniture regularly to prevent water damage. Here you can learn How to Waterproof Wood Furniture for Outdoors.

Protect under shade: During winter, outdoor furniture is hardly used. Store wood furniture in a safe place when it is not in use like in a garage or shed. For additional protection, cover it with a mantle. When it is time to bring it out, it is also a good idea to keep your wood furniture under a shade. Keep it under a roof or a gazebo to protect it from direct sunlight or rain.

What Do You Need to Protect Outdoor Wood Furniture?

You will need wood preservatives. Always check the suitability of the product you are using with the wood your furniture is made of. It is a good idea to trial apply at an inconspicuous part first.

  1. A good quality wood paint. Oil-based or latex-based. Latex-based paint is a better option as it is longer lasting. However, painting may change the appearance of your wood furniture.
  2. Sealant. Varnish or mineral oils can be used as sealants. The purpose of this is to protect from moisture and UV damage. They do not change the way your furniture looks.

How often do you need to use these products?

You should weatherproof your furniture at least once a year if not twice. Apply varnish to your furniture before you start to see signs of damage. Choose a varnish that not only protects from water damage but also blocks UV rays. If there are already signs of damage to your furniture, there is still hope. Sand the furniture before applying latex-based paint. There are chemical strippers available for stripping the wood. It may change the initial shade of the furniture. But don’t worry, some finishes are clear. They do not contain any tint or color pigments. As a result, you can attain a rich, warm and enhanced tone.

What To Look For In The Available Solutions?

By now, you have an idea about how to protect outdoor wood furniture. What products do you need and how to take care of your outdoor wood furniture. If you simply decide to go for a wood preservative available in the market, it is not a bad idea either. So, to give you a head-start, there are some factors to look for in a wood preservative.

Outdoor: Bear in mind that the wood preservative solution is for outdoors. They are UV resistant which is a prerequisite for outdoor wood furniture.

Oil-based: Water-based wood preservatives are not a good choice for outdoors. Oil-based ones protect the wood from dirt, water and UV rays, therefore protecting the integrity of outdoor wood furniture.

Tinted/Transparent: This depends on your choice. If you want your furniture to maintain its original shade, teak oil or other clear solutions are available. However, you can go for a tinted/opaque solution that may give a bolder shade to your furniture along with the protection.

More and more Americans are enjoying the outdoors. And your *go-to* furniture is wood furniture, you have to know how to protect it outdoors. Choose high-quality furniture in the first place to save time and effort. Cheap furniture can give you more trouble as you have to change it so often.

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