How to Protect Outdoor Wood Furniture

Most of us spend most of our time outdoors during spring and summer. Now that the temperatures are higher than before, outdoor wood furniture has...

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How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Free Cushions! You heard it right. At Harbor Classics, you get free cushions with your outdoor furniture. Cushions add comfort and softness to the outdoor...

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How to Waterproof Wood Furniture for Outdoors

Keep Calm! Summer is coming… The holiday season is over. Who else is getting ready for the summers already?  For some of us, it means...

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Can Patio Furniture Get Wet?

Owning patio furniture makes spending time outside and entertaining a highly enjoyable experience. Even if you have a storage shed, a patio umbrella, or an...

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Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

If you have a porch, patio, or deck, having some beautiful patio furniture makes spending time in these spaces much more enjoyable. However, the cost...

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How To Clean Wicker Furniture

Wicker is one of the most popular materials for both indoor and outdoor furniture. This durable and attractive material comes in an array of patterns...

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Guide To Buying Patio Furniture

During the beautiful sunny and warm months of the year, there’s nothing quite like relaxing on the patio with family and friends. From backyard barbecues...

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Can You Mix Patio Material Types?

If you’re looking to create an eclectic look in your patio space, mixing and matching different materials and textures is a great way to do...

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Top Patio Design Tips

If you’re ready to enjoy some time outside, it’s vital to make sure that your patio is functional and stylish. Whether you’re revamping your existing...

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